Owen Pointon (Wildlife Artist)

Owen Pointon Artist, Australia

Discovering he had a skill for drawing and painting as a youngster, Owen Pointon has continued to refine his skills over the years. The beauty of Owen’s work highlights his love of native Australian wildlife.

About Owen Pointon

My earliest memory of painting was a sailing boat on the bay, whilst in primary school. My teacher could not believe I painted it myself!

Owen Pointon, Wildlife Artist

When Owen was young he would entertain his friends with drawings of popular cartoon characters. Living in Moreton Bay near Brisbane, Queensland, he developed a close affinity with native wildlife.

Throughout Owen’s young life he was not an avid painted until a motorbike accident left him housebound with a broken leg. Sensing his boredom, a neighbour introduced him to painting.

It was then Owen Pointon began to express his love of wildlife through art, developing his own technique through trial and error, with tips he picked up from art publications such as Artist’s Palette.

In Owen’s early days he only painted in oils, but has since found the medium of acrylics much more suitable to his painting style. This was much to the delight of Owen’s wife, Margaret, as the oil paint was very hard to remove from laundry tubs.

One tip Owen learned from another artist was regarding studio lighting. He confesses to his early paintings often being too dark, and a suggestion of reducing the light in the studio to more closely resemble daylight gave his paintings a much more natural effect.

Pointon gives thanks to his neighbour in Atherton, Debra Godfrey, former Gallery Director of the Tableland Regional Art Council, for her encouragement to spread his wings and approach art in a more professional way. Having followed her advice the name Owen Pointon has reached moderate success in Australian commercial art circles.

Owen Pointon has paintings featured in galleries from Cairns to Brisbane, including Manly Harbour Gallery in Brisbane, Terra Nova Gallery in Kuranda, North Queensland, Fixed Abode Gallery in Yungaburra, North Queensland, Red Chair Gallery in Cairns, and Herberton Coffee Lounge Gallery and Jacaranda Coffee Shop Gallery in Herbeton, North Queensland.

Owen Pointon has achieved three Highly Commended awards at the Mareeba Art Show and a Highly Commended award from the Noosa Country Art Show.

In addition, Owen was awarded first prize at the inaugural Art Show of Atherton and Tableland Regional Gallery.

Owen Pointon’s Artwork

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